Release notes

Version 2.5.1, 23 November 2017

Features and improvements

  • JSON queries on HTTP API protocol. Supported search, insert, update, delete, replace operations. Data manipulation commands can be also bulked, also there are some limitations currently as MVA and JSON attributes can’t be used for inserts, replaces or updates.
  • RELOAD INDEXES command
  • FLUSH LOGS command
  • SHOW THREADS can show progress of optimize, rotation or flushes.
  • GROUP N BY work correctly with MVA attributes
  • blackhole agents are run on separate thread to not affect master query anymore
  • implemented reference count on indexes, to avoid stalls caused by rotations and high load
  • SHA1 hashing implemented, not exposed yet externally
  • fixes for compiling on FreeBSD, macOS and Alpine


  • 989752b filter regression with block index
  • b1c3864 rename PAGE_SIZE -> ARENA_PAGE_SIZE for compatibility with musl
  • f2133cc disable googletests for cmake < 3.1.0
  • f30ec53 failed to bind socket on daemon restart
  • 0807240 fixed crash of daemon on shutdown
  • 3e3acc3 fixed show threads for system blackhole thread
  • 262c3fe Refactored config check of iconv, fixes building on FreeBSD and Darwin

Version 2.4.1 GA, 16 October 2017

Features and improvements


Manticore Search is built using cmake and the minimum gcc version required for compiling is 4.7.2.

Folders and service

Manticore Search runs under manticore user.

Default data folder is now /var/lib/manticore/.

Default log folder is now /var/log/manticore/.

Default pid folder is now /var/run/manticore/.


  • a58c619 fixed SHOW COLLATION statement that breaks java connector
  • 631cf4e fixed crashes on processing distributed indexes; added locks to distributed index hash; removed move and copy operators from agent
  • 942bec0 fixed crashes on processing distributed indexes due to parallel reconnects
  • e5c1ed2 fixed crash at crash handler on store query to daemon log
  • 4a4bda5 fixed a crash with pooled attributes in multiqueries
  • 3873bfb fixed reduced core size by prevent index pages got included into core file
  • 11e6254 fixed searchd crashes on startup when invalid agents are specified
  • 4ca6350 fixed indexer reports error in sql_query_killlist query
  • 123a9f0 fixed fold_lemmas=1 vs hit count
  • cb99164 fixed inconsistent behavior of html_strip
  • e406761 fixed optimize rt index loose new settings; fixed optimize with sync option lock leaks;
  • 86aeb82 Fixed processing erroneous multiqueries
  • 2645230 fixed result set depends on multi-query order
  • 72395d9 fixed daemon crash on multi-query with bad query
  • f353326 fixed shared to exclusive lock
  • 3754785 fixed daemon crash for query without indexes
  • 29f360e fixed dead lock of daemon

Version 2.3.3, 06 July 2017

  • Manticore branding