Live index updates

There are two major approaches to maintaining the full-text index contents up to date. Note, however, that both these approaches deal with the task of full-text data updates, and not attribute updates (which are already supported, refer to UpdateAttributes API call description for details.)

First, you can use disk-based indexes, partition them manually, and only rebuild the smaller partitions (so-called “deltas”) frequently. By minimizing the rebuild size, you can reduce the average indexing lag to something as low as 30-60 seconds. On huge collections it actually might be the most efficient one. Refer to Delta index updates for details.

Second, using real-time indexes (RT indexes for short) that on-the-fly updates of the full-text data. Updates on a RT index can appear in the search results in 1-2 milliseconds, ie. 0.001-0.002 seconds. However, RT index are less efficient for bulk indexing huge amounts of data. Refer to Real-time indexes for details.