CALL SNIPPETS(data, index, query[, opt_value AS opt_name[, ...]])

CALL SNIPPETS statement builds a snippet from provided data and query, using specified index settings.

data is the source data to extract a snippet from. It could be a single string, or the list of the strings enclosed in curly brackets. index is the name of the index from which to take the text processing settings. query is the full-text query to build snippets for. Additional options are documented in BuildExcerpts. Usage example:

CALL SNIPPETS('this is my document text', 'test1', 'hello world',
    5 AS around, 200 AS limit);
CALL SNIPPETS(('this is my document text','this is my another text'), 'test1', 'hello world',
    5 AS around, 200 AS limit);
CALL SNIPPETS(('data/doc1.txt','data/doc2.txt','/home/sphinx/doc3.txt'), 'test1', 'hello world',
    5 AS around, 200 AS limit, 1 AS load_files);