CALL KEYWORDS(text, index [, options])

CALL KEYWORDS statement splits text into particular keywords. It returns tokenized and normalized forms of the keywords, and, optionally, keyword statistics. It also returns the position of each keyword in the query and all forms of tokenized keywords in the case that lemmatizers were used.

text is the text to break down to keywords. index is the name of the index from which to take the text processing settings. options, is an optional boolean parameter that specifies whether to return document and hit occurrence statistics. options can also accept parameters for configuring folding depending on tokenization settings:

  • stats - show statistics of keywords, default is 0
  • fold_wildcards - fold wildcards, default is 1
  • fold_lemmas - fold morphological lemmas, default is 0
  • fold_blended - fold blended words, default is 0
  • expansion_limit - override expansion_limit defined in configuration, default is 0 (use value from configuration)
  • sort_mode - sort output result by either ‘docs’ or ‘hits’. Default no sorting.
call keywords(
    1 as fold_wildcards,
    1 as fold_lemmas,
    1 as fold_blended,
    1 as expansion_limit,
    1 as stats);

Default values to match previous CALL KEYWORDS output are:

call keywords(
    1 as fold_wildcards,
    0 as fold_lemmas,
    0 as fold_blended,
    0 as expansion_limit,
    0 as stats);